SCF 2012 QB rankings: A golden age of quarterbacking?

Very happy to introduce Kieran Marriott and Kojo Amofa, who introduce their QB Rankings.

You only have to look at the recent history of quarterback draft busts to be taught that athletic ability alone does not make a quarterback. Ever since the rise of the T-formation the quarterback has been a position that depends as much on the mind as on the body, and as technique and physical skills need to be taught and developed so do the cerebral nuances of quarterbacking.

For a great number of years though the coaching to learn these sophisticated skills necessary to continue developing as a signal caller, were exclusive and out of reach of most young QBs. If your Father was a coach or you were lucky enough to play in the right High School system you had a chance but otherwise it’s unlikely you’d ever learn the fundamental skills of the position. We know many black quarterbacks were held back by racial stereotyping – which going by the nonsense Cam Newton received going into the draft last year haven’t entirely died – but just consider how many other could of been great quarterbacks never came to be because no one taught them the intricacies of the position.

Today, however, Young QB prospects have a greater access to coaching, training, and information than ever before. New technology, a surge in the number of QB camps available for high school players to develop their skills and the pass first offense becoming prominent at every level. People erroneously credit Michael Vick with the influx of athletic QBs we’re now seeing but what’s really happening is that all these new developments are allowing coaches at the lower levels to put their smartest, most charismatic & athletic kids at quarterback and develop them.

You only need to look to this years draft and the first 3 QBs taken for further evidence of the way things are going. Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill were 3 of the best athletes in college last year, with Griffin a former track star, Tannehill a former Wide Receiver and in Andrew Luck a QB capable of doing this.

It’s not like we’re just seeing the effects of this either, just look around the league. How many teams could you make a legitimate argument have their finest ever signal caller? By our reckoning roundabout 10, with some admittedly more debatable than others. The standard has never been higher and as such ranking quarterbacks has never been more popular or challenging a task.

That will not deter us though as we plan over the next few weeks to breakdown and rank every single projected starter under centre (and one very notable backup) for next season one by one as we count down to number 1.

These will not be career rankings but our evaluation of how that Qb ranks going into the 2012 season and as history has proven that QB evaluation is an imperfect science but we’ve come up with criteria that should cover all variables for our quarterbacks(even though I’m sure many will disagree).

Talent: General physical and technical abilities. Ultimately were you can go in sports will depend on this above all else.

Intelligence: The ability to read defences, implement the playbook and generally run the offence. Along with Talent the most important attribute for a Qb to have.

 Consistency: Every QB can excel on a given day, how consistent are they over 16 weeks? How durable are they? Who comes through in the big moments?

Importance to team: Value over replacement. Who is just part of a good offensive scheme and who makes their offence what it is. Who are holding their teams back and who is elevating a below average team to perennial contenders?

Potential: Obviously age, but who has been equipped with some new offensive weapons? Who’s had an upgrade on the Defensive side to improve their overall team?

Record/wins: Whilst it’s obviously a fallacy to judge an individuals performances by team results (We’re looking at you Tebow fans!) sport is ultimately an end results business so it simply must be taken into account.

Take note that we won’t be ranking rookie’s as in NFL terms they haven’t done a thing so you can expect the 30th QB in our rankings up very soon.


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